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Why Businesses choose ETM Recycling in Bristol?

For All Businesses – ETM recycling in Bristol is available for use to all commercial business in Bristol and the surrounding areas, no matter what size of business all can use our recycling centre.

Green Goals – We strive for zero landfill and so try to recycle as many materials as possible at the ETM-Bristol Recycling Centrefacility, this includes: plastic, wood, inert, cardboard, polythene, metal and hardcore.

Advanced Recycling Centre – The MRF (materials recycling facility) was purpose built for ETM Recycling in Bristol and is at the cutting edge of recycling technology. The facility includes some of the most efficient sorting methods available such as the magnetic conveyor belts for scrap metal, this reduces the cost to the company to sort the waste which in turn reduces the cost to the customer.

Best in Bristol – We offer much higher recycling rates than current Bristol recycling centres. ETM Recycling are striving to be the best recycling depot in the South West and currently are rivalled by few who can recycle 86% or more of the waste that comes into the facility.

Location – The location of the recycling facility is on a main route into Bristol City Centre and can reduce travelling for a number of local businesses who previously had to travel to the other side of town for these facilities.

Leadership in Recycling – The Directors of ETM Recycling in Bristol are dedicated to recycling and achieving zero landfill, it was recognised that this side of Bristol was lacking in recycling facilities and the company identified a gap in the market.

Technology – Our cutting edge machinery and dedication to a greener Bristol make this a market leading facility.

Our Staff – The recycling centre is run by a highly skilled and experienced transfer station manager, this ensures ETM Recycling run the most efficient processes out of our Bristol facility.

Continuous Improvement – ETM Recycling are dedicated to continuous improvement in green ETM Recycling Center Bristolsystems and processes, we currently review our current facility and strategies to ensure we are using the most innovative and effective recycling methods.

Progressive Pricing – ETM Recycling implement innovative pricing methods, the cost to the customers depend on the size and contents of the load, rather than per visit like other recycling companies