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Building Supplies – Recycled Aggregates

Recycled Aggregates Bristol

ETM Recycling has extensive experience in producing recycled aggregates in Bristol to the highest quality to meet the needs of our customers, all the aggregates we produce have been Local Authority approved. We invest in state of the art crusher machinery to ensure we can produce the materials to a consistent specification.

ETM Recycling Bristol can provide a fast and reliable delivery service or if you would prefer you can come and collect the building supplies from our facility in South Bristol. No matter what size of company or your order we cater to the needs of everyone and provide recycled aggregates at competitive prices.  Our materials are used by major construction and contracting companies for a range of works.

ETM Recycling  can produce a range of high quality recycled aggregates in Bristol to meet your needs, please contact our office if the products you require are not listed.

Recycled Aggregates


A crushed concrete or brick hardcore which is usually 75 mm down to a fine dust, it is a coarse aggregate that is a cheaper alternative to quarried stone.  Due to its durability the aggregate is used a lot in compaction and is suitable for the first layer as it is perfect for wet or soft ground. It is available for collection or delivery.

Recycled Aggregates

Green Type 1 Recycled

A clean quarry stone mixed with our high quality recycled aggregates.

Recycled Aggregates

Pipe Bedding

An aggregate used for bedding and surrounding of pipes to provide a supporting surface which will not damage the pipe and protect them, it used by most utility companies.

Recycled Aggregates


Our dust is a 10mm down product and can be used to backfill trenches.

Recycled Aggregates


Our recycled sand is a cost effective alternative and can be used for landscaping.

topsoil in Bristol


Screened soil available for delivery and collection at competitive prices. ETM Recycling provide top soil for delivery throughout Bristol, made at our state of the art recycling centre in South Bristol.