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Environmentally Safe Tipping

Materials Recycling Facility – Tipping

We have a fully permitted and licensed Material Recycling Facility based at Ashton Vale Road in South Bristol. All waste generated by our skip hire and collections services is recycled at our own Recycling Centre.

Our tipping facilities are available for Clients wishing to dispose of their waste in an efficient and environmentally sound manner. We accept all clean and uncontaminated waste delivered directly into our site.

We welcome the tipping of all general waste and mixed recyclables.

Our site has a fully operational weighbridge system that tracks the exact waste that is brought into our Recycling Centre, it will also provide you with the required duty of care notes.

Opening Times – we provide long and flexible opening hours so you can tip your waste at a convenient time to suit your needs. We also open Saturdays for tipping.

Account Customers – Opening an account with ETM Recycling is an easy process and can increase the efficiency of your tipping if you have high volumes of waste. If you have a fleet of vehicles on the roads, setting up an account could allow you to send your fleet directly to us – rather than arrange payment per vehicle. We will make it as easy and efficient as possible to tip your waste with us.

We will work with you to ensure that you are being provided with the most cost effective solution to suit your waste handling needs.


Striving for Zero Waste to Landfill

Materials We Recycle

Cardboard, paper and polyethylene are processed into 1 tonne bulk bales and then sent for recycling.

All scrap metal waste including iron, tin, aluminium, copper, brass, cast iron, and lead are reclaimed from the incoming waste and these metals are segregated and then sent for recycling.

We currently show a tonnage figure of 85% of all received waste being recycled. We as a company endeavour to provide our customers with a cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to the ever increasing waste disposal requirements.