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Waste Hierarchy

Waste Hierarchy – From 28 September 2011, as a waste producer and a dealer in waste, ETM recycling must follow the waste hierarchy and show we have done so when we transfer our waste to another business.


Waste Hierarchy recycling Bristol

As a recycling business reducing waste to landfill is the reason we are trading, by following the waste hierarchy we can ensure that our Clients waste is disposed of in the most environmentally friendly manner:

Prevent – produce less waste in the first place by using less, keeping things longer, reusing products or machinery, or reducing hazardous contents – we will work with our Clients to help devise methods to reduce the amount of waste they produce

Prepare for Reuse  – check, clean, repair or refurbish whole waste products or parts to reuse in your business or in another organisation, ETM operate a fully certified and state of the art transfer station, we will divert as much of your waste as possible from landfill, we will assist you in reusing or refurbishing items where possible.

Recycle – goods and materials that are of no further use to you may have value for others, our state of the art transfer station ensures that recyclable materials are separated and baled then they are moved on to be recycled back into the system. For example, we deliver our cardboard back into the UK mills where it is put back into production.

Other Recovery – energy generating or biofuel producing businesses may need the waste you generate, ETM use the best disposal sites.

Dispose – burying waste at landfill sites or burning it without recovering energy is the last resort

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